Publication: “Celestina” según su lenguaje (Madrid: Editorial Pliegos). Monograph by Raúl Álvarez-Moreno

ÁLVAREZ-MORENO, Raúl (2015), “Celestina” según su lenguaje, Madrid, Editorial Pliegos.

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ABSTRACT: “Celestina” según su lenguaje studies language in Celestina (1499-1502) as a central factor -not just supplementary or subsequent- of the conflict that takes place in the dramatic work. Due to the Aristotelian, Stoic and Christian projection from Semantics to Epistemology and Moral Philosophy (Ethics and Politics), language and in particular the antagonistic but concomitant ways of conceiving meaning, become essential to understanding the different tensions and disputes embedded in the text. Closely related to the linguistic changes taking place in the fifteenth century, the rhetorical character of Celestina and the adoption of strategies and techniques from traditional Skepticism prove to be crucial in questioning dogmatic discourses and philosophical-intellectual truths at the time. Christian truth, which supposedly should replace the latter, is not spared either as necessary or indisputable. Such processes would greatly contribute to an explanation of the ambiguity and the different readings the play offers to its readers.