Latest news! New edition of Celestina: [Sevilla], Jacobo & Juan Cromberger, November 1525

Today, our colleagues from Iberian Books have made public the discovery of a new [Sevilla], Jacobo & Juan Cromberger, November 1525 edition of Celestina at the Biblioteca Comunale Valentiniana in Camerino (Italy), under the call number Sec B. 926 (234).

Despite both colophons being identical, this is not a further copy of the [Sevilla], Jacobo & Juan Cromberger, November 1525 edition represented by a single copy kept at the British Library under the signature G.10223.


The most relevant difference is the omission of any reference to the Auto de Centurio, like in the Sevilla, Jacobo & Juan Cromberger, March 1528, edition.


With this new find, the number of copies of unknown editions found in the last decade adds up to six. This is a further proof that there are still a lot of untraced copies of Celestina out there, waiting for us to find them.