On-line Workshop-Conference «Señora, ten tú el tiempo que no ande, tendré yo mi forma que no se mude». Las mutaciones de Celestina, 17th of March 2021, 18:00 (GMT+1)

Poster of the event.

As a result of the collaboration between the teaching innovation project Tomar la palabra. Intertextualidad e intermedialidad como herramientas pedagógicas para la enseñanza de literatura y otros discursos and the research project La tradición iconográfica de «Celestina»: materialidad y recepción de las ediciones ilustradas en la Edad Moderna, next Wednesday, 17th of March 2021, at 18:00 (GMT+1), the workshop-conference «Señora, ten tú el tiempo que no ande, tendré yo mi forma que no se mude». Las mutaciones de Celestina will be taking place via Google Meet.

The session is open to everyone, but especially oriented towards non-specialists. First-year students, high school students, students from disciplines other than modern languages and hobby celestinistas are welcome. The purpose of this workshop-conference is exploring the evolution of the iconographic representation of Celestina, the literary character, in the illustrated editions of the 16th and the 19th-21st centuries. It will be divided in a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part, more than 500 years of celestinesque illustrations and paintings will be reviewed to identify the characteristic traits with which Celestina is depicted in each period. In the practical part, the attendants will have the chance to make their own portrait of Celestina and discuss and contrast it with their peers against the background of its iconographic tradition.

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