On-line Workshop-Conference «Señora, ten tú el tiempo que no ande, tendré yo mi forma que no se mude». Las mutaciones de Celestina, 17th of March 2021, 18:00 (GMT+1)

Poster of the event.

As a result of the collaboration between the teaching innovation project Tomar la palabra. Intertextualidad e intermedialidad como herramientas pedagógicas para la enseñanza de literatura y otros discursos and the research project La tradición iconográfica de «Celestina»: materialidad y recepción de las ediciones ilustradas en la Edad Moderna, next Wednesday, 17th of March 2021, at 18:00 (GMT+1), the workshop-conference «Señora, ten tú el tiempo que no ande, tendré yo mi forma que no se mude». Las mutaciones de Celestina will be taking place via Google Meet.

The session is open to everyone, but especially oriented towards non-specialists. First-year students, high school students, students from disciplines other than modern languages and hobby celestinistas are welcome. The purpose of this workshop-conference is exploring the evolution of the iconographic representation of Celestina, the literary character, in the illustrated editions of the 16th and the 19th-21st centuries. It will be divided in a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part, more than 500 years of celestinesque illustrations and paintings will be reviewed to identify the characteristic traits with which Celestina is depicted in each period. In the practical part, the attendants will have the chance to make their own portrait of Celestina and discuss and contrast it with their peers against the background of its iconographic tradition.

Virtual meeting on Celestina: 27th of January 2021, 18:00 (GMT+1)

Just a quick note to pass on some information that Enrique Fernández has shared via the Celestina mailing list.

Next Wednesday, Jéromine François (Université de Namur) and Ivette Martí Caloca (Universidad de Puerto Rico) will be talking about Celestina in an event organised by Iberoamericana-Vervuert. Both scholars have recently published their books “La Celestina”, un mito literario (2020) and “Todo se ha hecho a mi voluntad” Melibea como eje central de La “Celestina” (2019) with the above-mentioned publishing house. More informacion in their blog.

XXII Festival Celestina: La España de Rojas (21st-23rd August 2020, La Puebla de Montalbán)

No COVID19 is preventing the XXII Festival Celestina from taking place in August, like it has been customary since its first edition under that name in 2005. Yes, the 22nd edition. Since 2005. It is not that I cannot do math or that there have been years with more than one Festival Celestina, but that La Puebla de Montalbán had been celebrating a cultural week named “La España de Rojas” since 1998 and, in its seventh edition, the Festival Celestina was born, so that, in 2008, it merged with the cultural week and adopted its numeration, becoming the X Festival Celestina just three years after its first edition.

Anecdotes aside, the XXII Festival Celestina will be taking place in a reduced format the days 21st, 22nd and 23rd of August, as usual in La Puebla de Montalbán, but limited to the Patio del Palacio, Patio del Cristo and Patio del Centro Cívico. The traditional Renaissance fair will not be taking place, as well as the usual theatre plays in cellars and even the staging of Celestina itself. But let the major of La Puebla de Montalbán explain it in his own words.

As soon as the programme is announced, I will upload it to the blog. Do not miss it!

A few days after this post was published, the festival had to move on-line.

CFP: I International Congress of the CELPYC (3rd-5th of June 2020, The City College University of New York)

In March 2019 I announced the establishment of a new professional association of celestinesque interest, the Círculo de Estudios de la Literatura Picaresca y Celestinesca (CELPYC).

Now it is organising its first international congress for June 2020, at the City College University of New York, and has published a call for papers open to everyone interested in Celestina and the picaresque. Proposals for individual papers, panels and roundtables can be sent via the on-line form until the 1st of March 2020.

Celestinesque session at the XVIII International Congress of the AHLM

CARTELL_definititiu_AHLM_2019-ba[1]Lately, it has almost become customary to start September with a conference on Hispanic medieval literature, be it the international congress of the SEMYR (even years) or the congress of the AHLM (uneven years). As a result, it has also become quite usual to start september with at least one paper on Celestina.

This time there is a full session devoted to Celestina at the XVIII International Congress of the AHLM (2-6 of September 2019, Universitat de Barcelona), planned for Wednesday, 4th of September, at 11:30, room 308 of the Facultat e Geografia i Història:

UPDATE: I forgot to include a paper by Ana Milagros Jiménez Ruiz (Universidad de Zaragoza), “La Celestina en Barcelona (1525-1585)”, which took place at the 09:00 session and was very interesting.

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