Anejos de la revista Celestinesca

The most important journal in our field, Celestinesca, has undergone some changes since the beginning of 2020. The first and –in my opinion– most important one is having been given the eISSN 2695-7183, which has made possible its reindexing in Latindex, where it figured as “Discontinued”. Moreover, the the kind of license under which articles are published (CC BY 4.0) is more explicit now, since a license button has been added to volumes.

A few days ago the Anejos de la revista Celestinesca were launched as well, with the critical editions of the Comedia and the Tragicomedia by José Luis Canet. I do not know if this means that Celestinesca is preparing itself to publish its own series of celestinesque scholarship or just an effective way to provide Celestina scholars with these editions, but in any case it is always good news that Celestinesca is in good shape and continuosly progressing.

Paper on Celestina at the XX Jornadas de Trabajo de la Asociación Española de Bibliografía (AEB)

presentacion_pages-to-jpg-0001As part of the XX Jornadas de Trabajo de la Asociación Española de Bibliografía (AEB), to take place the 27th and the 28th of November at the Biblioteca Nacional de España (Madrid), Remedios Prieto de la Iglesia will be reading a paper on Celestina with the title “La mutación de Melibea como reflejo de prácticas literarias y editoriales en los primeros tiempos de la imprenta”. Her talk is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday 27th of November, at 12:30, but previous registration is needed, so that I do not know if it is too late for registering or if it is still possible to get a free place as a listener.

A full copy of the programme can be downloaded here.

Two new recordings: Celestina at the Fundación Juan March and the radio show A les portes de Troia

In a past post, I regretted not being able to attend the talk by Emilio de Miguel Martínez and Julia Gutiérrez Caba that took place the last 7th of May at the Fundación Juan March. I was told it would be recorded and uploaded to the Canal March as soon as possible, but I did not expect that it would be as soon as in just four weeks! The video is accessible in Youtube as well.

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Unexpectedly, I found a further recording of celestinesque interest. The radio show A les portes de Troia devoted the programme of the 19th of May to Celestina and its historical context (La Celestina i el seu món). I have not been able to listen to it yet, so that I cannot say anything on its content, but I leave here the recording for you to enjoy it.