Audio recording of Kenneth Brown’s talk at La Puebla de Montalbán (20/10/2023) and something extra

Radio Puebla has been extremely quick at uploading the audio recording of Kenneth Brown’s talk of last Friday at the Museo La Celestina (La Puebla de Montalbán). You can listen to it at their official website or below.

While checking if the audio recording was already available, I have noticed that the roundtable on marginality and Celestina of the last Festival Celestina (11/08/2023) is also available at their official website, but you can also listen to it below.

Two new recordings: Celestina at the Fundación Juan March and the radio show A les portes de Troia

In a past post, I regretted not being able to attend the talk by Emilio de Miguel Martínez and Julia Gutiérrez Caba that took place the last 7th of May at the Fundación Juan March. I was told it would be recorded and uploaded to the Canal March as soon as possible, but I did not expect that it would be as soon as in just four weeks! The video is accessible in Youtube as well.

[youtube url=]

Unexpectedly, I found a further recording of celestinesque interest. The radio show A les portes de Troia devoted the programme of the 19th of May to Celestina and its historical context (La Celestina i el seu món). I have not been able to listen to it yet, so that I cannot say anything on its content, but I leave here the recording for you to enjoy it.

Recording: Conference held at the XX Festival Celestina (23/08/2018)

The conference held at this year’s XX Festival Celestina is available on-line:

La mujer en Celestina – Pedro Velasco Ramos

Should you also be interested in other events at the festival, they are available at the iVoox website of Radio Puebla as well.

Recording: Conference held at the XIX Festival Celestina (25/08/2017)

Unfortunately, in 2017 we forgot to announce the XIX Festival Celestina, which took place from the 19th to the 27th of August of 2017 in La Puebla de Montalbán (official programme here). In order to compensate our readers, here is the paper “Fernando de Rojas, autor de La Celestina” read by Pedro Velasco Ramos at the festival, available on-line:


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