Last database update of 2019

The year 2019 is coming to an end and I have managed to update the bibliographic database Bibliografía celestinesca on time, before 2020 starts, with the latest articles published on the topic of Celestina. That means almost 50 entries for 2019! Celestinesque scholarship is far from being dead.

My new year’s resolution regarding the database is completing the records until 2000, that means, entering the missing entries from Snow’s An Annotated Bibliography of World Interest (1930-1985) and Celestinesca’s bibliographic supplements. That’s more than one thousand entries! But, after having entered more than 2350 records, that’s nothing.

This new year 2020, I will also try to finally coordinate the bibliographic database and the bibliographic supplements of Celestinesca: there are currently about 100 records (only!) in the database that are not in the printed version. This tends to change over the year, but it seems doable.

For a new year 2020 full of interesting celestinesque scholarship! (But not too full or I will not be able to keep to my new year resolutions).