Talk: Kenneth Brown on Fernando de Rojas at Museo La Celestina (La Puebla de Montalbán, 20/10/2023)

Next Friday, 20th of October of 2023, Kenneth Brown (University of Calgary) will be giving a lecture entitled “El mundo judío y criptojudío de Fernando de Rojas y de su obra La Celestina” at the Museo La Celestina in La Puebla de Montalbán (Spain).

This event is organised by the local journal Crónicas and the cultural association Las Cumbres de Montalbán, who are responsible for organising the academic roundtables and papers within the context the annual Festival Celestina, as well.

La Puebla de Montalbán seems to be progressively increasing the amount of events of celestinesque interest that take place in the Museo La Celestina, so that I would keep an eye on its future activities. It looks like as if the local institutions were actively trying to turn La Puebla de Montalbán into a relevant spot for celestinesque scholars and other people interested in Celestina. Let’s hope I am not wrong!

Recording: Conference held at the XIX Festival Celestina (25/08/2017)

Unfortunately, in 2017 we forgot to announce the XIX Festival Celestina, which took place from the 19th to the 27th of August of 2017 in La Puebla de Montalbán (official programme here). In order to compensate our readers, here is the paper “Fernando de Rojas, autor de La Celestina” read by Pedro Velasco Ramos at the festival, available on-line:


Recording: Víctor Infantes at the III Congreso Internacional de la SEMYR: “La sombra escrita de los libros. Sobre el estudio de los inventarios de bibliotecas, con el ejemplo de las lecturas y la letra de Fernando de Rojas” (27/09/2010)

A recording of the paper  given by Víctor Infantes at the III Congreso Internacional de la SEMYR “Líneas y pautas en el estudio de la literatura medieval y renacentista” (27th-30th September 2010, Universidad de Oviedo) can be found in the media repository of the Universidad de Oviedo.

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