My resources collection: Digital editions. Alphonso Hordognez’s translation into Italian.

Alphonso Hordognez finished translating Celestina into Italian some time in 1505. His translation was first printed in 1506 in Rome (there will be time another day to discuss if there was a 1505 edition) and, since then, it knew several editions in the first half of the sixteenth century, the last known of which appeared in 1543. Copies belonging to many of these editions have been digitised and are freely available on-line:

My resources collection. Xylographies: Celestina (Italian), [Venice], Giovanni Antonio and Pietro de Nicolini da Sabio (1541).

My resources collection: Title pages of Alphonso Hordognez’s translation of Celestina into Italian.

My resources collection. Xylographies: Celestina (Italian), Venice, Cesare Arrivabene (1519).

The copy kept in Biblioteca Nacional de España (R/1434) shows a different xylography in acts IV (fol. d8r), V (fol. f2r), X (fol. k2r) and XV (fol. n6r). It portrays four women, three young ladies and an old one, in the same setting as xylographies 2 and 3 (background with archs). The following image belongs to the 1535 edition by Pietro de Nicolini da Sabio (fol. 81r), where this xylography appears in acts IV (fol. 29r), X (fol. 64v), XIII (fol. 81r) and XVIII (fol. 97v).

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