New Professional Association: Círculo de Estudios de la Literatura Picaresca y Celestinesca (CELPYC)

logo_cuadrado_azulResearchers of picaresque and celestinesque literature are welcoming a new professional association these days: the Círculo de Estudios de la Literatura Picaresca y Celestinesca (CELPYC).

Primarily aimed at organising an international congress every three years, its first congress is scheduled for the 3rd, 4th and 5th of June of 2020 at The City College University of New York (CUNY).

Following the official announcement of the congress, the CELPYC has started its on-line presence with a Twitter profile and, more significantly, a Facebook group open to researchers and people with interest in celestinesque and picaresque literature. Its aim is to function as a meeting point for sharing, discussing and disseminating informations of celestinesque and picaresque interest, but also as an informal professional and personal network.

There is a traditional official website as well. Besides information on the congress, the most interesting bit probably is its on-line resources section. Not just because this blog is listed among the resources of celestinesque interest –thanks a lot!–, but because there is a will to gather together all the picaresque and celestinesque on-line resources relevant to a professional and a non-professional audience. And we are really eager to see how many they can get together.

In this blog, it is always good news that something is being done to encourage the study of Celestina, so that we can only wish the CELPYC a sucessful first congress and a good start.

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