My resources collection: Title pages of Alphonso Hordognez’s translation of Celestina into Italian.

My resources collection. Xylographies: Celestina (Italian), Venice, Cesare Arrivabene (1519).

The copy kept in Biblioteca Nacional de España (R/1434) shows a different xylography in acts IV (fol. d8r), V (fol. f2r), X (fol. k2r) and XV (fol. n6r). It portrays four women, three young ladies and an old one, in the same setting as xylographies 2 and 3 (background with archs). The following image belongs to the 1535 edition by Pietro de Nicolini da Sabio (fol. 81r), where this xylography appears in acts IV (fol. 29r), X (fol. 64v), XIII (fol. 81r) and XVIII (fol. 97v).

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